Our Mission: To serve as an intergovernmental organization for local elected officials that works proactively on regional issues in order to sustain and improve the quality of life for our citizens. 


Originally established in 1959 as the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission, the Triangle J Council of Governments has evolved to serve a seven-county region and 42 local governments. Our programs address tough issues that transcend political boundaries such as transportation, sustainable resources, and affordable housing through coordination, collaboration, and projects that leverage resources. Our member governments include Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Orange and Wake counties - and 41 municipal governments across the region.


TJCOG achieves its work by:

  • Convening local governments and regional stakeholders.
  • Educating on local and regional opportunities for collaboration.
  • Advocating for regional solutions.
  • Creating and administering regional strategies.


Currently, TJCOG work efforts are guided by our yearly budget, approved and adopted by the Board of Delegates. The most recent budget can be viewed here.


About that "J"

We are often asked why we have the letter J in our name. Here's the backstory:


When the multi-county districts were delineated for North Carolina’s Lead Regional
Organizations, they were designated alphabetically, starting with Region A on the western border and ending with Region R in the east.  Located in the center of the state, our region was designated as Region J.  As the regional organizations developed, they adopted names characteristic of the area they served.  Only one - Triangle J Council of Governments - retained the regional letter in its name.