Our Mission: To serve as an intergovernmental organization for local elected officials that works proactively on regional issues in order to sustain and improve the quality of life for our citizens. 


Originally established in 1959 as the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission, the Triangle J Council of Governments has evolved to serve a seven-county region and 37 local governments. Our programs address tough issues that transcend political boundaries such as transportation, sustainable resources, and affordable housing through coordination, collaboration, and leveraged resources. Our member governments include Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Orange and Wake counties - and 31 municipal governments across the seven-county region.


TJCOG achieves its work through multiple roles:

  • Convener and common ground for research, project development, relationship building and information sharing;
  • Coordinator of efficient regional service;
  • Manager of regional planning projects;
  • Administrator for regional institutions addressing development, conservation, infrastructure and the delivery of human services; and
  • Provider of technical assistance and data to its member communities.


Previously, a multi-year Work Plan, reviewed, updated and approved each year by the Board of Delegates, provided a synopsis of each of our programs, projects, and services, as well as several new initiatives, recommended by the board. A past Work Plan may be viewed and downloaded here.


Currently, TJCOG work efforts are guided by the yearly budget. The most recent budget can be viewed here.