Residents' Rights Month

Saturday, October 1, 2016 All Day - Monday, October 31, 2016

October has been designated as a time to acknowledge the rights of long-term care (LTC) residents and highlight contributions they’ve made to better our communities. The Nursing Home Reform Law, passed in 1987, assures residents of their individual rights to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with and access to persons and services inside and outside their long-term care home.


By listening to residents we show dignity,  honor their experiences, enhance their day-to-day activities, and fortify quality of life standards into LTC operations.


The 2016 national theme, My Vote Matters, emphasizes LTC residents retaining their voting rights regardless of where they live or type of care they receive. These residents have experienced numerous historical and political events, and it’s imperative they are afforded the opportunity to continue participating in the political process. Every county in NC has a Multipartisan Assistance Team (MAT) that is available to visit long-term care facilities to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting. If you are interested in assisting residents at facilities, please contact your local County Board of Elections to be considered as a Team Member for MAT.


Celebrate Residents’ Rights Month by participating in events, visiting residents, volunteering in LTC facilities, inquiring about opportunities in the ombudsman program, and calling on elected officials and local facilities to show their support by attending or organizing activities. Your participation assists in ensuring that the voices of LTC residents do not go unheard and that they have not been forgotten.