TJCOG Regional Summit 2018

Economic Growth Knows No Boundaries

In our region, neither growth nor the labor force stop at jurisdictional lines. It is critical for local government to view economic development and strategies for economic growth as regional priorities. Recently, Triangle J Council of Governments was designated an Economic Development District through a partnership with EDA that aims to strengthen economic development on a regional scale. In this new role, TJCOG will work to coordinate and connect local strategies that bring companies and new jobs to the region. The 2018 Regional Summit will focus on the impacts of our region's economic growth, and examine how partnerships can help communities adapt and remain strong moving forward. 


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2018 Regional Awards

Nominate someone for a TJCOG Regional Award using the links below. Winners will be celebrated in front of the region at the Regional Summit. 


Public Service Award (elected official)

Regional Vision Award - This award recognizes non-elected officials who are innovative, collaborative and display leadership while solving problems among their local communities and partners. Honorees bring business leaders, elected officials, community advocates and residents together to accomplish more than any partner could alone. 

Regional Advocate Award- This award is in honor of Garland Herbert Stout and his dedication and extensive contributions to the region and country, his foresight and leadership, and his devotion to excellence and fairness. The selected nominee must be someone who has given their time, talent and skills to the Triangle J Region, its communities and TJCOG programs and activities.

Community Appearance Award- This award honor physical projects, individual, or community efforts or policies and programs that improve overall community appearance.


Become a Regional Summit Sponsor

Sponsorship is an opportunity to highlight the unique qualities that your organization, product, and staff provide to the public sector. Logo recognition, product demos, and speaking opportunities are just several of the sponsorship benefits designed to help you best market yourself. Additional information about sponsorship is attached.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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