A Future Together

Connecting Our Urban & Rural Communities

September 28th, 2017 

The Triangle J region includes seven counties - Moore, Lee, Chatham, Orange, Durham, Wake and Johnston - that are incredibly diverse in demography, geography, and community. It is through this diversity of place that our region offers rich opportunities for citizens, businesses, and visitors to live, work or play in urban, rural, and suburban landscapes. On September 28th, join us at The Clayton Center, along with elected officials, local government staff, and regional stakeholders from across the region to celebrate our differences and leverage commonalities to connect - opportunities, places, access, and care - for all residents. 


Early Registration for TJCOG Member Governments opens June 12th. 


Keep an eye out for further details on the summit in your inbox and on social media. Related tweets include #connecttogether. 




Are you interested in supporting our event? For information on Summit Sponsorship, please contact Alana Keegan at akeegan@tjcog.org or 919.558.2706.