A Future Together

Connecting Our Urban & Rural Communities

September 28th, 2017 

Through direction by the TJCOG Board of Delegates, our staff has begun planning for the first annual Regional Summit, which will be held at the Clayton Center. The event will bring together elected officials, local governments, and regional stakeholders from across the region to discuss pressing issues facing member communities. TJCOG will host the event, supported by staff, regional partners and a committee of representatives from local governments across the region. 


Our Regional Summit Planning Committee consists of individuals from municipalities spanning across all 7 counties that we represent. The group meets on a regular basis to identify a theme, programming, and logistics that will reach a wide audience.


Keep an eye out for further details on the summit in your inbox and on social media. Related tweets will include #connecttogether. 


For more information, please contact Alana Keegan at akeegan@tjcog.org or 919.558.2706.