Our Mission: To serve as an intergovernmental organization for local elected officials that works proactively on regional issues in order to sustain and improve the quality of life for our citizens. 


Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG) was established in 1970, but the organization’s roots reach back to the development of the Research Triangle Park. When the Research Triangle Park was created in 1959, stakeholders identified a need to coordinate development with the surrounding cities, towns and counties, and formed the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission. 


During the 1960s, the State of North Carolina increased its interest in regional issues due to an increase in federal grant programs, a necessity to coordinate federal/state/local government projects and a desire for regional cooperation. In 1970, Governor Bob Scott created the NC Councils of Government that exist today. The Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission became TJCOG, serving the area designated as Region J – Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Orange and Wake counties, and the municipalities within. In April 2001, Moore County was added to the region. 


Today, TJCOG is a key player in regional planning that spans cross-jurisdictional boundaries, including transportation investment, development/land use coordination, quality, and quantity of the region’s limited water resources, energy & environment, and economic development. Additionally, the organization houses the Area Agency on Aging, which oversees county aging initiatives and serves as a central source of information for older adults and their caregivers.