2019-2020 Priorities

Aging & Human Services

The TJCOG region's older adult population continues to grow at a rapid pace, with North Carolina older adult population growth as a whole topping the list nationally. Through the Triangle J Area Agency on Aging and involvement with many local and statewide initiatives on the well-being of older adults, TJCOG will continue to focus on connecting older adults to resources, assisting partner organizations to make holistic and strategic decisions about aging services, and help local communities build aging-friendly places. 

Economic Development

As the TJCOG Economic Development District begins its second year, staff will focus on updating the region's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy to guide work and coordinate local economic development efforts. This district creates a direct connection between TJCOG and the US Economic Development Administration and allows TJCOG to serve as a liaison for member governments regarding grant applications, administration, and technical assistance.


TJCOG's Housing work continues to grow as communities work diligently to preserve, improve, and build quality, affordable housing for residents. Housing work provided by TJCOG for local governments fits into six critical buckets: education, short-term technical assistance, long-term technical assistance, facilitation, research & data analysis, and fund administration. 

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Increasingly common natural disasters and the rising cost of damages and recovery are a concern for all communities in the region. TJCOG continues to look for collaborative funding opportunities to assist members with strategic resilience and disaster preparedness efforts. A new U.S Economic Development Administration grant for Hurricane Florence recovery will allow TJCOG to work directly with declared counties to identify projects, assist with grant applications/administration, and provide technical assistance.

Service to Our Member Governments

As a member organization that exists solely because our member governments choose to support us, it is critical that TJCOG programming and initiatives serve critical member needs and offer technical assistance to help local governments of all sizes provide services to their citizens. Similar to any of our local governments, TJCOG's service to our members changes over time as needs and priorities change.


TJCOG's transportation work focuses on the intersection between land use, transportation, and quality of life. Through ongoing technical assistance for both Metropolitan Planning Organizations and the Triangle Area Regional Planning Organization, and administration of programs such as the Transportation Demand Management program, Safe Routes for School, and CommunityViz growth modeling, TJCOG helps communities think long-term about their comprehensive transportation needs.


It is important as a regional organization that TJCOG develops dual strategies to assist with infrastructure needs in our rapidly growing communities and communities that are struggling to recruit/grow. Projects including the Eastern Johnston County Merger Regionalization Feasibility Study and asset mapping technical assistance will allow local governments to better understand their water infrastructure options and needs. Through Jordan Lake One Water, TJCOG guides a regional cohort of stakeholders in developing an integrated watershed management plan to provide policy recommendations for DEQ. 

"It is important as a regional organization that we develop dual strategies to assist with infrastructure needs in our rapidly growing parts of the region and parts that are struggling to recruit and grow." - Executive Director's 2019 Budget Message