Our Members

Membership is available to all local governments in our region. We strive to meet the needs of every member, regardless of their size or government type. Our membership currently includes all 7 counties and 39 municipalities.
Member Government Benefits

Local governments that are members of TJCOG receive assistance across all strategic priority areas for the organization. This assistance incorporates fee-for-service or grant funded work, cost-share programs, and free services and tools that are outlined below:

  • 1 Voting Seat on TJCOG Governing Board - Each local government member appoints one of the elected officials from their council or commission to the TJCOG Board of Delegates. This Board is responsible for setting the overall policy of the organization, guiding program and assistance efforts, and leading discussions on regional challenges.
  • Free Technical Assistance Hours - The TJCOG Free Hours Program allows member governments to engage TJCOG for fee-for-service projects and use a set number of “free hours” per year, provided as one free hour for one contracted hour of service.
  • Access to TJCOG Office & Conference Space
  • Peer Learning Networks
  • Member News & Resources - Through our weekly newsletter, The Week Ahead and topic-specific newsletters on community development, transportation, clean fuels, and grants, members have access to the news they need.
  • Federal and State Advocacy & Policy Monitoring
  • Community Planning Assistance
  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Cost-Sharing & Shared Purchasing
  • Low-Cost Training & Workshops
  • GIS & Data Services
  • Human Resources Support