Carolyn Pennington

Employee PhotoRegional Ombudsman for Long-Term Care

Phone: 919.558.2703
Fax: 919.998.8101




Bachelor of Arts in Sociology; Social Work Certificate (CSWE) from Meredith College. Certificates in Geriatric Care Management, Gerontology and End of Life Care. 


Professional Experience

Joined Triangle J in November 2013. After living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for 25 years, moved back to Raleigh to oversee the care of her parents. Following this role, tackled a variety of volunteer advocacy work on behalf of vulnerable and older adults. Served on the Wake County Elder Abuse Task Force and on the Wake County Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee for over three years.



  •  Fulfill mandates of G.S. 143B-181.15-25.
  • Accept and investigate complaints about long term care facilities.
  • Act as mediator when residents have difficulty exercising their rights.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to county-appointed Community Advisory Committee volunteer members.
  • Educate individuals about their rights and the rules and regulations governing long term care facilities.
  • Provide training to long term care facility staff about resident rights and other topics of importance in upholding these rights.
  • Act as liaison between community, individuals, and long term care facilities.
  • Collect complaint data.
  • Report regularly to the office of the state ombudsman.
  • Monitor legislation and regulations impacting the elderly.
  • Provide information to the general public on long term care issues.