2020 Census

Count the Region Challenge

Getting an accurate count during the 2020 Census is critical for our region’s success – think +$3.5B in funding and congressional representation decisions. That’s why Triangle J Council of Governments is launching a regionwide contest to see which county can get the highest response rate (% of people counted) by April 30th, 2020.

The winning county will have bragging rights, but also a few other honors to get competitive juices flowing including:

  • Picking the charity (regional) that will be the focus of the TJCOG Spring Charity Drive to help our region-wide community recover from COVID-19 impacts.
  • Showcasing county projects or efforts in TJCOG communications
County Response Standings

The Process
  1. Starting April 1st, Census Day, TJCOG will track and release response rates for each county on a weekly basis. Rates can be viewed on the TJCOG website, www.tjcog.org, and other media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, @TJCOGnc
  2. Counties should share using #CounttheRegion and #ShapeYourFuture and encourage community members to be counted by going to my2020census.gov to help their county win. Counties can also crowdsource charity ideas from residents, to use if they are the winning county.
  3. TJCOG will share media and content every week with updates, encouragement, and friendly competition reminders of county response rates and standings.
  4. On April 30th, TJCOG will announce the winning county and the charity that will be featured in the TJCOG Charity Drive.

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Process and FAQ Document



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