Development & Infrastructure (D&I) Partnership

The Triangle Partnership for Development & Infrastructure is a regional sustainable development partnership launched in 2008.  The Partnership members guide the program of work.


Development and Infrastructure Partnership Overview


The Partnership’s mission is to bring together community, university, regional and state partners to work on long-term, regional strategies for the development and conservation of land, infrastructure to support development, and improved mobility.


The Partnership adopted an overall theme of Sustainability through a series of listening sessions with its sponsors in 2008 and selected Transit Investment and Long-term, Comprehensive Water Resources Management as its top two priorities at the Partnership’s inaugural meeting in September 2008. 


Its work program derives from the Partnership’s theme and priorities; focusing on four strategic areas:


  • Mobility 
  • Water Resources
  • Capital Investments
  • Triangle, State & Federal Opportunities


The Triangle J Council of Governments serves as the managing partner.  The work program is developed through guidance by the sponsors and participants and incorporated into the budget of the Triangle J Council of Governments, which is adopted annually by its Board of Delegates, after a formal public hearing.


Activities within the Regional Strategic Initiatives are designed to:

    1. Support work led by partner organizations;
    2. Strengthen local, regional and state-level decision-making by providing quality technical work focusing on regional, long-term, multi-issue perspectives;
    3. Engage university and private sector expertise; and
    4. Supplement existing projects with new work that strategically fills gaps or extends efforts.


A common thread running through the Partnership’s activities is a focus on the long-term growth forecasts for the region – with more than a million people added to the region over the next generation – and the evolving nature of the Triangle’s population in the future.


Transit Priority:

The Partnership’s focus on transit investment centers on:

  • The Land Use-Community Infrastructure-Development (LUCID) program to match local land use decisions with regional transit investments.
  • The Triangle Main Line Forum, which brings together major stakeholders in the region’s main rail corridors to (i) understand projects affecting the rail corridors, (ii) identify interests of primary importance and (iii) collaborate on efforts to address those interests.
  • Partnering with Triangle Chapter of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) on education and technical assistance in support of vibrant centers:  walkable, mixed-use development projects in the region; recent activities have focused on:

- fiscal benefits of vibrant centers

- building an inventory of mixed-use designated land and projects in the region

- the important relationship between workforce housing and transit investment decisions

  • Participating with local governments and Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organizations in Triangle Transit planning for the region’s transit corridors, emphasizing station-area planning and the linking of stations into productive and competitive transit corridors.
  • Providing support, guidance and engagement opportunities on development scenario analysis using CommunityViz software to analyze growth alternatives.
  • Working with the MPOs and RPOs on the Triangle region’s long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), emphasizing the growth projections and fiscal constraints that inform the MTP, and the air quality impacts of the plans.