Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium was formed by several member governments of Triangle J as a mechanism to administer and comply with federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing requirements for some local government personnel. The regulations require that alcohol and drug tests are administered to local government employees holding commercial drivers licenses. The following are the types of testing required by the regulations:

  • random,
  • pre-employment,
  • post-accident,
  • reasonable suspicion,
  • return-to-duty, and
  • follow-up.


The consortium was formed to assist both small and large governments. Many smaller governments only have 1-5 employees who fall under the required regulations. The consortium provides an economy of scale in providing a larger testing pool, reduced test rates and training costs, as well as a central administrative function.


Member representatives include safety officers, human resources professionals, public works directors, and others. Working with Triangle J and the third party administrator, each member government has developed a program which meets its individual needs. Since Triangle J formed the consortium, other councils of governments in the state have replicated the program to provide a similar service to their members.