Employee Benefits

Triangle J offers a generous benefit package to employees. The designation of "regular employee" includes full-time and part-time employees but does not include temporary employees. In most cases, benefits available to part-time employees are prorated and the employee is responsible for paying his/her share.


Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Full cost paid for regular, full-time employees; TJCOG pays a prorated share for eligible part-time employees.
  • TJCOG pays a significant portion of dependent coverage.


Health Savings Account

  • TJCOG makes a monthly contribution for employees eligible for and enrolled in the health insurance program.


Life/AD&D Insurance

  • Two times the regular employee’s annual salary to a maximum of $250,000.


Short-Term Disability

  • TJCOG provides short-term disability insurance for eligible employees.


Employee Assistance Program

  • TJCOG provides an employee assistance program for regular employees.



  • NC Local Government Employees’ Retirement System (LGERS)
    • Employees working 1,000 or more hours per year are required by state law to participate in LGERS.
    • Employees are required by state law to contribute a certain percentage of his/her salary on a tax-deferred basis. The required contribution for FY18 is 6%.
    • TJCOG is required by state law to contribute a certain percentage of each employee's salary. The required contribution for FY2019 is 7.79%.
  • NC 401K Supplemental Retirement Plan
    • TJCOG contributes 5% of the regular employee's annual salary. Employees are not required to match but may contribute on a voluntary basis.
  • NC 457 Plan
    • Employees may contribute on a voluntary basis. TJCOG does not contribute to the NC 457 Plan.


Tuition Assistance

  • Reimbursement of eligible expenses up to a total of five hundred dollars ($500) per fiscal year.


Paid Holidays

          New Year's Day                               Labor Day

          Martin Luther King's Birthday            Veterans Day

          Good Friday                                    Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday

          Memorial Day                                  Christmas (two to three days)

          Independence Day


Vacation Leave Accrual

          Years of Service              Days Accrued Per Year

                  0 – 2                                   10

                  2 – 4                                   12

                  5 – 9                                   15

                  10 – 14                                18

                  15 – 19                                21

                  20+                                     24


Sick Leave

  • Accrued at a rate of one day per month of service or twelve days per year.


Best Workplaces for Commuters

  • Transit subsidy available
  • Options for teleworking and flexible work-week scheduling
  • Electric vehicle charging station onsite
  • Secure, weather protected bike parking
  • Onsite showers