Water Infrastructure

As our region changes, new and aging infrastructure challenges for our member governments also grow. TJCOG has supported our members for many years with regional infrastructure work and plans to continue to prioritize infrastructure opportunities. While significant parts of our region are growing, there are substantial parts of our region struggling to build or preserve adequate infrastructure to generate basic economic growth. It is important as a regional organization that we develop dual strategies to assist with regional infrastructure needs in both the rapidly growing parts of the region and the parts that are struggling to recruit and grow due to to a lack of opportunities.

One of the biggest concerns for many communities, large and small, is the feasibility of maintaining and managing their water and wastewater infrastructure. Through partnerships with the NC Department of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Finance Center, and more, TJCOG is working with communities to assess their current infrastructure, examine and assess potential regionalization or merger opportunities, and recommend the best next steps for each community. These processes are critical to the financial success of local government utilities and ultimately the organizations as a whole. 

Siler City Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping and Assessment Project

Siler City Planning and Public Works Departments; Biocenosis LLC

In 2019-2020, TJCOG worked with key staff from Siler City and consulting firm Biocenosis to map and assess the functionality of stormwater infrastructure in Siler City's downtown area which floods frequently.

Read the final report here which includes stormwater infrastructure maintenance recommendations:
Siler City Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping and Assessment Final Report

See the "Lookbooks" produced for Siler City Public Works and NCDOT staff to use in prioritizing stormwater infrastructure maintenance:
Town-Owned Infrastructure Lookbook
DOT-Owned Infrastructure Lookbook

Merger Regionalization Feasibility Study 

Kenly, Micro, Pine Level, Princeton, Selma, Smithfield, Johnston County

In early 2019, TJCOG worked with the associated communities to apply for a Division of Water Infrastructure grant and conduct a Merger Regionalization Feasibility Study; the funding was ultimately awarded. The study will investigate, analyze, and recommend potential options for collaborative wastewater management in Northeast Johnston County. Each community faces unique wastewater treatment challenges but provides unique resources and capabilities to the geographic area. 

TJCOG provided outreach, member engagement, and a collaborative process for the study, and will engage UNC School of Government's Environmental Finance Center for expertise on financial feasibility analyses. Learn more



Emily Barrett

Natural Resources & Resilience Program Manager