2021 Sandbox Challenge

The Sandbox is a growing initiative at TJCOG focused on breaking down silos in government; encouraging unique, "inside-the-sandbox" ideas and solutions; and providing freedom to think about the most challenging issues in our region. TJCOG staff lead research, facilitate conversations, and identify and implement unique approaches and solutions to regional challenges on behalf of our local governments. 
The 2021 Sandbox Challenge crowdsourced some of the region's biggest economic recovery and resilience challenges. TJCOG staff refined responses to three finalists based on predetermined criteria.

The finalists included:

  • Supporting Inclusive Entrepreneurship – submitted by the Town of Carrboro
  • A Resilient, Regenerative Food Economy – submitted by the Community Food
  • Circular Solutions for Recovery – submitted by Circular Triangle

Work will begin in June 2021 on the winning challenge, Circular Supply Solutions for Recovery.

Submission Criteria

* Submission Period is closed*

  • The submission must be "sponsored" by an organization(s), rather than by a single individual. This does not entail any cost to the organization.
  • The challenge must extend across multiple counties in the TJCOG region - the more, the better. Learn more about the TJCOG Region here!
  • The challenge impacts or is impacted by the decisions of the public sector.
  • The challenge requires unique solutions and its long-term impacts are difficult to measure. 
Call for Challenges Information Page


Selection of Finalists

All submissions will be reviewed by TJCOG staff to ensure each meets the criteria listed above.

Announcement of Winner

TJCOG's Board of Delegates will select a winner on April 28th; the winning challenge will be announced on April 30th. The selected challenge will be the topic for all the Sandbox Series programming and work groups in FY 2022.


Jenny Halsey
jhalsey@tjcog.org, 919.558.9343 
Lindsay Whitson 
lwhitson@tjcog.org, 919.558.9319
Wonder what can emerge from the Sandbox Challenge?
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