CommunityViz Development Scenario & Growth Allocation

CommunityViz is a tool to understand growth capacities and allocate future growth. With 5 basic inputs, it can be used to create future development scenarios and help understand their relative impacts. CommunityViz requires the following inputs to create a scenario:

  • The location of features that constrain development, such as water bodies, wetlands, and stream buffers
  • The type of place each parcel will become, and the intensity of each place type by jurisdiction
  • The current development status of each parcel relative to its future use
  • The factors that will influence how attractive each parcel is for development, termed land suitability
  • The types and amounts of growth that will be allocated, termed "growth targets"

Within the Growth Framework, higher suitability means a site is more likely to be attractive for development due to proximity to transportation investments, availability of sewer service, proximity to major activity centers, and location within local government planned growth areas. 

Scenario planning and alternatives analysis are used to explore alternatives for growth, development, and transportation investments in the region, as well as measure against regional goals and community values.


Reference & Review Materials

CommunityViz for the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

2050 MTP Deficiencies & Needs Analysis Results

2050 MTP - Default 2050 Deficiency & Needs CommunityViz Geodatabase with Allocation & Carrying Capacity Draft Results - 1.29.21

Geodatabase includes: 

  • MTP2050_Analysis_Output_Full_Grid_DN - Includes all allocation, capacity, & suitability output attributes as well as intermediate analysis step attributes at the grid cell level. All attributes are defined in the “2050 MTP CommunityViz Growth Analysis - Attribute Definitions for All Analyses and Output.xlsx” also found in the zip file.

  • MTP2050_Analysis_Output_Only_Grid_DN – Just the attributes showing the final capacity, suitability, and allocation results, at the grid cell level.

  • MTP2050_Analysis_Output_Only_TAZ_DN - The final capacity & allocation results, aggregated to the TAZ level.

  • MTP2050_Analysis_Suitability_Grid_DN - Includes all suitability analysis attributes & resulting suitability score attribute at the grid cell level.
  • MTP2050_Capacity_Output_Parcels_DN - The full set of parcels used in the carrying capacity analysis with their place type, development status & attributes showing the results.
  • MTP2050_Grid_Output_by_Juris_and_County_DN - Geodatabase table showing the Capacity & Allocation results by county & jurisdiction. More user-friendly tables found in the next link below.

2050 MTP - Default 2050 Deficiency & Needs Draft Output Tables by County & Jurisdiction - 1.29.21

2050 MTP - Default 2050 Parcel Development Status and Community_Patterns_Maps - 6.24.20

CommunityViz Growth Analysis Reference Material & User Guides

Comparisons to 2045 MTP CommunityViz Growth Analysis Output


Please contact us if you have a question about CommunityViz in your community or how TJCOG staff can help you.

Ben Bearden
GIS Analyst