Community & Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development Department works to foster resilient and equitable development practices to enhance quality of life and serve the region’s greatest asset – people. Safe and affordable housing, sustainable and intentional land use practices, and strategic asset-building are all essential components of community development that can lead to greater economic activity and workforce productivity.  

Core Areas of Service

Economic Development

TJCOGS’s economic development program facilitates coordinated regional projects and builds capacity for local economic development activities that attract investment in communities, large, small, urban, suburban, and rural. As the Economic Development District for the Triangle, the team provides a direct connection between local applicants and the U.S Economic Development Administration. Through the implementation of the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), Strength in Numbers, TJCOG also develops and monitors a regional vision for development, overseeing the plan’s implementation efforts. 


Every individual in our region deserves access to housing. It is this belief that guides TJCOG’s housing program, which works directly with local governments, developers, and non-profits to preserve, improve, and build quality, affordable housing. Staff provide a variety of education, technical assistance, facilitation, research & data analysis, and fund administration to meet communities where they are in their housing efforts. 



Lindsay Whitson

Community & Economic Development Director