Regional Summit

The Regional Summit is the annual convening of stakeholders across the Triangle J Council of Governments region to network with each other, learn from experts in the region, and discuss the most pressing challenges facing today’s communities. Each year, the event is held in a new location around the region that showcases the unique communities that make up the Triangle.

2019 Regional Summit: Rethinking Our Thinking

Building the most innovative, collaborative region in the country!

The Triangle J region continues to change, bringing with this change new complications to old challenges. Locally, governments are faced with providing more services to their residents, while managing limited funds and achieving lofty community-wide goals. As a region, we are faced with ensuring equitable growth, providing more opportunities for transportation, housing, and work, and building resilient communities able to withstand environmental, economic and social stressors. 

Not easy tasks. 

That's why the 2019 Regional Summit is being designed to give you and your regional peers the tools to better address the challenges and build the communities our region deserves. Programming will focus on conceptual and tangible tools and methodologies for local government elected officials and staff and partner organizations to build a region filled with collaborative, innovative individuals ready and able to work on the region's toughest challenges. 

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