Federal Highway Administration approves request to designate portions of US-70 as an EV corridor

In May of 2022, TJCOG/TCC staff submitted a nomination to the Federal Highway Administration for their sixth round of priority electric vehicle corridor designations, asking for the inclusion of US-70 from Hillsborough to Smithfield. Staff received several letters of support from our member governments along US-70. On July 7th, FHWA approved the nomination making US-70 the newest EV corridor in our region. While I-40 and I-85 were designated as EV corridors in previous rounds, there was a substantial gap present between Durham and Raleigh. US-70's designation fills this gap, gives more of our member governments access to a priority corridor, and connects our region in a way that makes it much more desirable for electric vehicle drivers.
The designation now gives the area along US-70 prioritization for funding under the upcoming National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program. North Carolina expects to receive up to $109 million to build out EV infrastructure along its approved corridors. More information on the NEVI Program can be found here.
In addition to funding opportunities for new infrastructure, this designation will encourage EV drivers to stop along the corridor to charge their vehicles. This creates economic development opportunities for the communities along the corridor. It is expected that NCDOT will add signage to all NC EV corridors in the coming years, letting drivers know which roadways are reliable corridors for those using electric vehicles.
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