Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Executive Director Lee Worsley released his recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 on April 14th. Over the past year, the organization has weathered the continued uncertainty of COVID-19, a sudden tightening of the public service job market, and a rapid increase in demand for services from our members. The recommended budget reflects this environment and includes new initiatives that are the result of support and direction from the Board of Delegates and the inspirational work of TJCOG staff. 

Some highlights include:

  • A total proposed budget of $34,014,387
  • No proposed increase to local government membership assessments (dues). Dues have remained steady since 1996-97.
  • Addition of 8 full-time positions and 2 part-time positions.
  • Significant investments to assist local government members with ARP, grant writing, and the upcoming Infrastructure Bill.
  • Full implementation of our new Transportation Department, which combines our rural and metropolitan transportation support work under a single director.
  • Investments to assist local government members with recent challenges around recruiting and retaining staff.
  • Recommendation of a 5% Market Adjustment for all TJCOG employees and a 3% Merit Increase for eligible employees.
  • Several new initiatives as we begin to align our services with the anticipated adoption of our first-ever strategic plan in May.
  • Further realignment of the organization to meet current and future growth with the addition of a Chief Finance Officer and reclassification of a position to Assistant Executive Director.
  • An appropriation of $20,000 in fund balance to launch a rebranding effort for the organization to better align our brand with our mission and the changing region.

During their next meeting, the Board of Delegates will be presented with the recommended budget, conduct the required public hearing, and hold initial discussions. The meeting and presentation will be livestreamed on the TJCOG website. In early May, the TJCOG Officers will meet to discuss the budget in more detail and reflect on input. On May 25, 2022, the Board of Delegates will consider adoption of the Budget Resolution.

Individuals who have comments about the budget may email them to

Read the full recommended budget