TJCOG Announces a Major Rebrand in Summer 2023

There are big changes coming to TJCOG in the next few months!

Specifically, a new name and look that we can't wait to unveil. 

We've wanted to make this change for some time, and we're thrilled to have a name and look that reflects not only the work we do at TJCOG but also our region. 

This change won't affect you other than the name you call us. We'll still be serving our members and the region in the same way we always have been.

Counting Down to the Big Reveal

This launch follows a year-long process, led by Carrboro Creative, to create a new brand identity that embodies TJCOG's focus on innovative, accessible, and responsive resources, while capturing our unique mission and nearly six decades of work on behalf of local governments in the region.

In March 2023, TJCOG's Executive Committee and Board of Delegates unanimously approved the new name and an amended charter to reflect it. For these changes to take place, 32 of our 47 (two-thirds) local government membership must approve an amended version of the TJCOG Charter Resolution. 

Follow along with our Rebrand Tracker (right) as we countdown to the magic number "32" and can officially reveal the new name and logo. You'll be able to see who has adopted the charter and how far we've got to go!


Media Contacts

Questions about the process and/or the name change can be directed to Alana Keegan, or Beth Davis,

Charter Adoption Tracker by Alana TJCOG Keegan