Triangle TDM Program Opens FY22 Request for Proposals


Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG) is requesting applications for the FY22 Triangle Transportation Demand Management (TDM) grant program. Applicants and projects that promote alternatives to the single-occupancy vehicle with the goal of reducing traffic congestion, expanding mobility choices,  improving air quality, and promoting efficient use of fossil fuel reserves are encouraged to apply. Transportation alternatives include carpooling, vanpooling, telecommuting, transit, biking, walking, flexible work hours, compressed workweeks, and parking policies and pricing structures.

Proposed projects can fall within two categories:

  1. Core programs, intended to be multi-year efforts that offer TDM services in the region's hotspots
  2. Innovative projects, intended to be funded on a pilot basis to test a novel strategy/technique. 
Eligible Applicants 

Any organization can apply to the Triangle TDM Program to fund projects to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the any of the six National Ambient Air Quality Standards maintenance counties in the Triangle region: Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Orange, and Wake.  Grant proposals for VMT reduction in Baldwin, Williams, New Hope, and Center townships of Chatham County are also eligible to be considered for funding but do not fall under priority geographical areas.

How to Submit

Applications are due to Triangle J Council of Governments via email by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 12, 2021.

Please contact Shuchi Gupta at (919) 558-2715 or for any questions or assistance regarding this RFP. Information on how to apply is provided beginning on page #5 of the Request for Proposals document.

Request for Proposals