Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

The Ombudsman Program gives long-term care facility residents and their families a voice. Ombudsmen advocate on behalf of long-term care facility residents to uphold residents' rights and address quality of care and quality of life issues through information, education and mediation. Ombudsmen monitor the implementation of federal, state and local laws governing long-term care facilities, and work to educate the public, residents, family members and facility staff regarding long-term care issues and elder abuse prevention, detection and reporting requirements. For a full listing of Region J long-term care facilities and more information, please visit (Long-term care facilities are defined as nursing homes and adult care homes.)


The Ombudsman Program:

  • Investigates and works to resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents in long-term care facilities.
  • Educates people about their rights and the rules and regulations governing long-term care facilities.
  • Provides training and technical assistance to Community Advisory Committees (appointed volunteers) and long-term care facilities.
  • Works with long-term care providers to resolve issues of concern.
  • Promotes community involvement with long-term care facilities and residents.
  • Collects and analyzes data about complaints.
  • Mediates when residents have difficulty exercising their rights.
  • Provides information to public agencies, legislators, and the general public on issues affecting long-term care.

Statewide, this program works through an advocacy network consisting of one state ombudsman, thirty-five regional ombudsmen, and approximately 1,300 local Community Advisory Committee volunteers or grassroots ombudsmen.


Region J Ombudsmen Contact Information

Region J has 5 full-time ombudsmen, a program associate, and approximately 150 Community Advisory Committee members. Region J ombudsmen provide training and technical assistance to the region's Community Advisory Committees.


Ombudsman Program Toll Free Line: 800.310.9777
Ombudsman Program Secure FAX Line: 919.998.8101


Name Service Area Phone
Aimee Kepler

Wake County Adult Care Homes

Autumn Cox

Chatham County Nursing & Adult Care Homes

Lee County Adult Care Homes

Orange County Nursing & Adult Care Homes

Carolyn Pennington 

Johnston County Nursing & Adult Care Homes

Moore County Nursing & Adult Care Homes

Jennifer Link

Wake County Nursing Homes

Lee County Nursing Homes

Pam Palmer

Durham County Nursing & Adult Care Homes

 vacant Area Agency on Aging Program Associate  919.558.9396