Center of the Region Enterprise

Current Work Plan

The 2018- 2019 fiscal year focused on resiliency and its intersection with planning related issues identified in the Triangle Regional Resilience Assessment conducted by TJCOG for CORE member communities. CORE meeting topics included resiliency impact on the Triangle Bikeway, Stream Monitoring, the Tree Canopy, and Extreme Heat. This focus will continue into the new fiscal year as CORE communities continue to seek better information on their role in resiliency work and managing the impacts of natural disaster


Bring together elected officials and regional partners to:

  • Share information about development, infrastructure, and green space plans and projects along the border between Wake and Durham Counties;
  • provide guidance to staff on the development, infrastructure, and green space issues; and
  • initiate projects, programs and agreements to address these issues.


The genesis of the workgroup was a desire to determine rational annexation and utility service areas for Durham City, Raleigh, Durham County and Wake County along the Wake-Durham county line north of I-40. Workgroup discussions led to the development of three types of agreements:

  • an interlocal cooperation agreement among the member jurisdictions of the workgroup;
  • an annexation agreement between the City of Durham and the City of Raleigh; and
  • a model three-party utility agreement that can be used to establish the conditions of utility provision between a city (e.g. Durham or Raleigh), a county (Wake or Durham) and a developer.




Durham County



Wake County