Triangle Bikeway



Triangle J is working with other area agencies to plan a regional, 17-mile, shared-use path linking Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Research Triangle Park (RTP), Durham, and Chapel Hill following the I-40 and NC-54 corridors. The path will connect Triangle residents and visitors to jobs, parks, trail networks, transit, and other popular destinations and services across the region. While the project is called a bikeway, it will be a paved, shared-use path suitable for users of all ages and abilities both on foot and bike. Shared-use paths are separated from vehicular traffic and used by both pedestrians and cyclists. The goal of the project is to increase access to and use of alternative transportation methods and enjoy the many benefits they provide for residents of the Triangle region.


Triangle Bikeway Regional Advisory Committee 

The committee is a group of stakeholders working on and/or interested in the Triangle Bikeway who meet monthly to discuss project updates, share ideas, hear about successful case studies from guest speakers, learn how to get more involved in the project, and address any other general topics related to advancing the Triangle Bikeway project. These meetings serve to maximize stakeholder input and guide the project toward outcomes that reach and benefit the highest number of residents and communities possible.


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 May 19th 2022

 May Agenda May Meeting Notes  
 June 16th 2022 June Agenda June Meeting Notes  
 August 18th 2022 August Agenda August Meeting Notes August Meeting Recording 
September 15th 2022 September Agenda  September Meeting Recording 



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