Policy Whitepapers

As part of TJCOG's emerging role as the Economic Development District for the region, staff regularly research relevant economic development issues and publishing whitepapers with policy recommendations. Papers will be guided by feedback from the TJCOG Legislative Committee and Board of Delegates. 


Hidden Distress: An Analysis of NC County Tier Designations

The inaugural white paper discusses the State's tier system and offers recommendations to better serve areas experiencing economic distress, often distress hidden within existing county boundaries. The document reviews how a county-level analysis hides municipalities that are experiencing economic distress within more prosperous counties by reviewing the region served by the Triangle J Council of Governments. After a review of legislation and identification of the problem of hidden distress, a recommendation for a short-term solution is reviewed. Recommendations to comprehensively change the tier system are also offered. The recommendations are focused to include sub-county analysis when designating communities as economically distressed and are interim steps in a process of reevaluating how economic development is pursued in North Carolina.

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