Resources for Member Governments

As our state and region is in the midst of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Triangle J is ready to assist our member governments and your staff in any way to plan for, prepare for, and recover from the impacts. In this compilation of information, you will find a one-stop-shop of resources and tools for you to use and to distribute as needed.

Post-storm Recovery

Weather Tracking and Updates

Pre-storm Preparedness

  • NCSU Hurricane Preparedness check-list
  • Emergency Shelter Information
  • Public Records Safety: The State Archives of NC encourages all agencies to begin preparation to protect records. Best practices include the following:
    • Stabilize your records storage area and ensure records are 3-6 inches off the floor, in record boxes, clearly labeled, removed from bottom drawers, and covered to protect from water damage.
    • Locate the records and disposition schedule for records in your office: available here.
    • Compile an inventory of records and their location.
    • Compile information on disaster recovery vendors.
    • Compile an emergency staff contact list.
  • Employer Emergency Preparedness & Emergency Transportation Options
  • HIPPA Privacy in Emergency Situations
  • Disclosures for Emergency Preparedness - A Decision-making Tool
  • State of Emergency Declarations: A state of emergency issues by a county does not automatically apply within incorporated municipalities within the county. If the county’s declaration clearly indicates that the inclusion of named towns and cities is done at the request of or with the consent of the Mayors, there is no need for the towns and cities to issue a separate declaration. Otherwise, for a state of emergency to exist within an incorporated municipality, the municipality must:
    • issue its own state of emergency declaration that applies within the municipality
    • issue a declaration on behalf of the municipality stating that the county’s declaration applies.
A local state of emergency is usually required for FEMA reimbursement even if the governor has declared a state of emergency. Find template State of Emergency declarations here.


Kaley Huston
Planner II