Triangle J Regional Brownfields Consortium

About the Consortium

The Triangle J Regional Brownfields Consortium assists municipalities to better leverage brownfields redevelopment as an economic development and revitalization tool for their communities. The consortium will engage a collaborative task force of municipal representatives to increase education and communication about brownfields for developers, elected officials, and the public; provide grant application assistance and administration for additional brownfields funding; and training opportunities for consortium members on the role of government and government mechanisms in the redevelopment process.  

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 will focus on Pre-Development and aims to: 

  • Help consortium members identify potential sites,  
  • Learn pre-development strategies to help prepare sites for development, 
  • Increase awareness and understanding of brownfields projects and their benefits, and 
  • Make better connections between developers and local governments.  

Want to become a member? Learn more about the Consortium's work plan.