Regional Economic Development Plan

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a regional strategy to coordinate economic development efforts across the seven-county TJCOG region. A CEDS document is required by the U.S. Economic Development Administration to maintain EDD status and must be updated at least once every five years to qualify for EDA assistance.  By coordinating and prioritizing goals and objectives, the CEDS helps regional stakeholders take a more targeted approach to economic development by creating partnerships and leveraging local, state, regional, and federal resources. 

CEDS Goals: 

  1. Build on the Region's Competitive Advantage and Leverage the Marketplace
  2. Establish and Maintain a Robust Regional Infrastructure
  3. Create Revitalized and Vibrant Communities
  4. Develop Healthy and Innovative People

Click here to review the 2013-2017 Triangle J CEDS with the 2018 Interim Update 

In the coming year, the Community & Economic Development program at TJCOG will focus on three main workstreams - housing, resiliency, and workforce development, in addition to supporting a CEDS strategy refinement and providing technical assistance to our member governments.

2019-2020 Priorities

CEDS Strategy Refinement and Outreach 

Technical Assistance



Workforce Development


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Regional Planning Director

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