Rural Transportation Planning

About the Program

The Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO) provides transportation planning services to rural communities within the TJCOGregion that lie outside of the Metropolitan Planning Organization boundaries – this includes all of Lee and Moore counties and portions of Chatham and Orange counties. TJCOG administers this program, serving as the Lead Planning Agency. 

TARPO is governed by a Rural Technical Coordinating Committee (RTCC) made up of local staff and a Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC) made up of local elected officials. These committees meet bi-monthly. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Primary products and roles of TARPO include: 

  • Working cooperatively with our member governments and NCDOT on the development of long-range, multimodal Comprehensive Transportation Plans to guide decision making about future transportation investment needs; 
  • Submitting and prioritizing transportation projects for funding in NCDOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program; 
  • Working with local jurisdictions and agencies on the development of bicycle/pedestrian plans, transit plans, parking analyses, corridor studies, and other transportation-related efforts; and 
  • Serving as a liaison between local governments and NCDOT on planning, funding, and project development issues.
Much more information is available at the TARPO website. 


Matt Day
Principal Planner

Phone: 919.558-9397
Fax: 919.549.9390