Transportation Planning

One of the primary focus areas of the TJCOG is the topic of transportation.  TJCOGis engaged in multiple aspects of the transportation planning and decision making process, from technical expertise and assistance to our members and partner organizations to administration of specific transportation programs such as the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization.

Current Programs

Metropolitan Planning Organization Support

TJCOG provides technical support to our region’s two Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that are responsible for transportation planning in urban areas.

Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization

TJCOG administers the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO), providing transportation planning services to rural portions of the region outside of the metropolitan areas.

Transit Corridor Planning

TJCOG assists communities in our region with planning related to topics such as land use, equity, and affordable housing that intersect with major transit location and investment decisions. 

Technical Assistance

TJCOG provides direct assistance under contract to our member jurisdictions on the development of transportation-related plans and documents 

Regional Growth Pattern Forecasting (CommunityViz)

TJCOG manages a model for forecasting potential locations and types of future land development in the region, which is then used as an input to the regional transportation model. 


John Hodges-Copple
Regional Planning Director