Transportation Planning

Transportation is one of TJCOG’s priority focus areas. We emphasize long-term, regional-scale efforts that bring together local, regional and state organizations.  And we stress the importance of considering transportation investments in the broader context of community growth, economic development, sustainability and affordable housing.  Click on the programs below for brief overviews, or the links to the list for detailed information.

Current Programs

Metropolitan Planning Organization Support

TJCOG provides technical support to our region’s two Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that are responsible for transportation planning in urban areas.

Metropolitan Planning Organization Support Page

Rural Transportation Planning

TJCOG administers the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO), providing transportation planning services to rural portions of the region outside of the metropolitan areas.

Transportation Demand Management

The regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program focuses on strategies and policies to reduce reliance on single-occupant vehicles by encouraging ridesharing, cycling, walking, teleworking and transit use.

Technical Assistance

TJCOG provides direct assistance under contract to our member jurisdictions on the development of transportation-related plans and documents

Special Projects and Topics

TJCOG has completed a variety of special projects, including analyses of i) corridor growth and affordable housing, ii) links between travel and health, and iii) markets for compact, mixed use development.


John Hodges-Copple
Regional Planning Director



Matt Day
Principal Planner