Strategy & Innovation Regional Network

The Strategy and Innovation Regional Network bring together staff from across local governments in the region who are working on strategic initiatives or planning and innovation within their organization. These individuals are often tasked with leading change, encouraging new ideas, measuring success, and implementing new solutions. Through the Regional Network, TJCOG brings them together once a quarter to learn from one another, leverage each other's strengths, and take on joint or regional innovation efforts. 

Upcoming Meetings

#ELGLRoadTrip Special Meeting

Join TJCOG and regional municipalities for an engaging session about building a regional network of local government innovation and strategy leaders. In the Triangle region of North Carolina there is a significant concentration of local governments building award-winning innovation teams and strategic planning systems. And the folks leading these efforts are creative, smart, brave individuals who see value in taking advantage of each other's strengths and challenges to build even stronger programs and meet their goals. This session will be a look back at how the Regional Strategy & Innovation Network was created and how it functions currently. The session will also function like a regular Network meeting and include a round-robin on a strategic planning or innovation topic to share information with each other.

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ACADEMIES: Meeting Organizational Goals by Investing in Employee Training & Development

November 7, 2019 

Local governments seeking to leverage data, strategy, and innovation to maximize positive outcomes for their organization and community often find the effectiveness of their efforts will depend on the public servants carrying out the organization’s work. Equipping employees with the skills needed to approach their work in innovative, strategic, and data-informed ways is critical to any organization’s success.

During this meeting, Jeffery Phillips and Durham County’s Michael Davis and Eric Marsh will discuss (a) the
benefits of having an internal academy/training programs focused on innovation/process improvements, (b) why and how they developed and implemented the programs in the past, and (c) challenges and lessons learned. Additionally, the TJCOG will provide an update regarding the possibility of establishing a regional academy.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Aligning Strategy and Budget

February 6, 2020

Developing a strategic plan is never an organization’s final destination/finish line. Using strategy to guide
organizational efforts and decision-making is an important milestone along the journey. One of the most visible decisions a local government makes each year is how it will allocate its resources as part of the annual budgeting process. During this meeting, the Towns of Cary and Hillsborough will discuss how goals, strategy plans, and data are considered and included in their budget preparation and decision-making processes.
In addition to using your organization’s strategic plan(s), providing stakeholders with updates on plan implementation is also an important milestone along the journey. This meeting will include group discussion on the various approaches to reporting and sharing progress.

Real Life Examples: Using Data in Local Government

May 7, 2020

Every industry article and just about every conference session touch on the importance of using data in local
government but how exactly are our peers using data in their organizations? Where do they begin? Which datasets are they finding most useful? How are they discussing data within their organizations? What challenges have they encountered and what lessons have they learned? The City of Rock Hill, South Carolina will discuss how it uses data to inform its neighborhood improvement program - Neighborhood Resource & Education Development Initiative, the Village of Pinehurst will discuss how it uses data meetings with its elected officials to shape strategic visioning for the year, and Wake County will discuss how it’s using data to address affordable housing.


Jenny Halsey

Local Government Consultant & Human Resources Officer