COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach and Education

As the Covid-19 virus continues to affect our region, Triangle J's Area Agency on Aging (TJAAA) is committed to helping elderly and vulnerable residents in our area achieve equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines.

Using Expanding Access to Covid-19 Vaccines grant funding provided by the Division of Aging and Adult Services, the TJAAA has awarded 11 grants for short-term vaccine equity initiatives (Source of funds 2101NCVAC5). Initiatives will be conducted by local governments and non for profits representing six different counties. These partners include:

Grants will fund local efforts to conduct vaccine outreach and educational efforts, help people schedule appointments, arrange transportation, coordinate local vaccine events at trusted and accessible locations, and help ensure people get to second dose and booster appointments.

TJAAA is proud to support these activities as they educate and enhance our communities through the month of August 2022. Together, grantees will equip communities with the information and resources needed to increase access to vaccines and close vaccination gaps within the Region J area.

Learn more about ways to support these efforts below.


Center for Volunteer Caregiving

Geographic Area Served: Wake County

Brief Description of Project: The Center for Volunteer Caregiving is working to increase the Covid-19 vaccination rates among older adults who may be vaccine hesitant, who have obstacles to assessing technology to schedule appointments, and/or who have obstacles to getting transportation to vaccine appointments.

The target population is adults aged 60 and older who:

  • live in affordable and subsidized housing
  • live in economically distressed areas
  • are African American
  • and/or have either no or limited internet access

The target project impact is to provide vaccine appointment scheduling and/or free transportation to vaccine appointments for at least 450 people in the target population. Additionally, the CVC will provide health, safety and benefits information of vaccination to 20,000 older adults in their target population.

Amount: $19,980

Chatham COA

Geographic Area Served: Chatham County. Focus on Southern and Western areas of Chatham County

Brief Description of Project:

The Chatham County Council on Aging is focusing their Covid-19 outreach and education efforts on individuals 60 years of age and over in Chatham County who:

  • are minority populations
  • areas with lower vaccination rates
  • areas with high rates of poverty
  • areas including more marginalized communities

They will 1) hold mobile resource fairs to provide Covid-19 vaccine information and aid in the scheduling of appointments for participants, 2) host a phone line for individuals to call and receive help in scheduling a Covid-19 vaccination appointment and provide transportation as needed, and 3) broadcast Covid-19 information on radio and social media platforms for Chatham County residents

Amount Awarded: $15,000

Community Health Coalition

Geographic Area Served: Durham and Orange County

Brief Description of Project: Community Health Coalition will bring Covid-19 outreach and education to underserved minority seniors and expand their reach to increase vaccination rates.

The target population is adults aged 60 and older who:

  • are living with disabilities
  • are African American
  • and/or who are Latinx

Utilizing local health professionals to coordinate vaccination sites in underserved and/or marginalized communities with a focus on Covid-19 vaccine safety, confidence, hesitancy, knowledge, and dispelling myths through virtual and/or in-person educational programs, social media platforms, and within senior living facilities. Assisting seniors in scheduling Covid-19 vaccine appointments.

Amount Awarded: $20,000

Durham Center for Senior Life

Geographic Area Served: Durham County with a focus on rural areas near and around Little River Community Complex

Brief Description of Project:

  • Provide up-to-date health information about Covid-19 vaccines, emphasizing the importance of boosters to older adults in Durham County. This vaccine education will be provided in-person, virtually, and using DCSL’s social media channels
  • Identify and recruit DCSL older adult volunteers to serve as key messenger Vaccine Ambassadors and assist staff in conducting outreach
  • Host a Covid-19 vaccination event at the Little River Community Center and assist in making appointments and providing transportation to and from this event if needed.
  • Develop and implement a social marketing campaign focused on COVID-19 vaccine education and outreach, with an emphasis on receiving the booster

Amount Awarded: $10,000

El Pueblo

Geographic Area Served: Johnston and Wake County

Brief Description of Project:

  • El Pueblo will provide direct outreach and education to Latinx immigrants who are 60 and older. They will also support their children and younger family members to share Covid-19 messaging and persuade older adults in their lives to get vaccinated.
  • The target population are Latinxs aged 60 and older, prioritizing those who may have limited English proficiency, may have limited income, and may be immigrants, as well as areas with high Covid-19 incidence and community transmission, and low vaccination rates
  • Provide ongoing training and support to 13 members of the Community Leadership and Action Committee (CLAC) to develop culturally and age appropriate Covid-19 messaging for Latinx adults aged 60 and older and for youth with older adults in their lives.
  • El Pueblo will utilize social media and monthly newspapers to disseminate Covid-19 posts and messages.

Amount Awarded: $20,000

Iglesia La Semilla

Geographic Area Served: Chatham, Durham, and Wake County

Brief Description of Project:

  • Iglesia La Semilla will expand upon their Covid-19 education and outreach efforts in the Hispanic/Latinx communities and members of sister historically marginalized communities.
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute community vaccination events and conduct comprehensive canvassing sessions prior to promote events
  • Provide accompaniment, support, registration, interpretation, and monitoring during community vaccination events

Amount Awarded: $19,972

Meals on Wheels of Wake County Inc.

Geographic Area Served: Wake County

Brief Description of Project:

  • Meals on Wheels of Wake County, Inc. will provide educational materials regarding Covid-19 and the efficacy of vaccines and serve as a resource to help seniors aged 60 or older, as well as adults with differing abilities, get vaccinations and/or boosters.
  • Develop materials for homebound participants
  • Assist in helping participants identify vaccination sites, arrange transportation if needed, and work with community partners to make at-home visits. They will provide this assistance both in person and over the telephone

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Moore Department of Aging

Geographic Area Served: Moore County

Brief Description of Project:

  • The Moore County Department of Aging looks to educate and inform adults aged 60 and older, including those who may also be living with disabilities and/or unable to leave their homes, about the benefits and protections afforded by Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Use of radio sports on Life 103.1 FM radio station, ads in their local newspaper, The Pilot, and ads in their local PineStraw Magazine to educate and inform community members on Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Create Covid-19 educational flyers to be physically distributed to their target and priority populations and Covid-19 vaccine specific content to be virtually distributed through various social media channels.

Amount Awarded: $15,000

Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center

Geographic Area Served: Chatham, Johnston, and Wake County

Brief Description of Project: The Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center will expand its capacity to provide additional outreach and education to encourage Covid-19 vaccines for adults aged 60 and older in Wake, Chatham, and Johnston Counties, with a goal to increase access to vaccine services.

  • Assist with the scheduling of Covid-19 vaccine appointments, educate individuals about Covid-19 and available treatment options, and connect them to supportive services
  • Utilize various social media platforms to distribute Covid-19 messaging and advertisements to targeted populations
  • Utilize existing community partners to serve as vaccine ambassadors and promote a targeted vaccine outreach campaign
  • Develop agreements with additional partners to provide Covid-19 vaccinations, disseminate vaccine information, and aid with scheduling Covid-19 vaccine appointments

Amount Awarded: $19,359

Triangle Empowerment Center

Geographic Area Served: Durham and Chatham County

Brief Description of Project:

  • The Triangle Empowerment Center will focus on Covid-19 outreach and education promotion for individuals 60 years of age and over in Durham and Chatham Counties with a focus on African American/Black and Latinx communities
  • Utilize existing community networks and partners to conduct Covid-19 outreach health fairs in their counties served
  • Print and distribute Covid-19 educational materials through these health fairs. For those who cannot physically attend the health fairs, materials will be delivered virtually

Amount Awarded: $10,000


Geographic Area Served: Durham, Chatham, and Johnston County

Brief Description of Project:

  • W.A.R.4Life will expand their Covid-19 vaccine outreach efforts in targeting older adults aged 60 and older, African American communities, Latinx communities, those who are homeless, and those who are disabled
  • Provide up-to-date health information about Covid-19 vaccines, share safety information and benefits of vaccination, and share appropriate Covid-19 vaccine locations
  • Aid in scheduling vaccination appointments, assist with obtaining transportation as needed, and conduct virtual-based outreach through various social media channels
  • Leverage existing partnerships who have relationships with community residents to aid in outreach and drop off flyers in community businesses and organizations with Covid-19 information and/or education

Amount Awarded: $20,000