Piedmont Nutrient Reduction Sourcebook

The Piedmont Nutrient Reduction Sourcebook provides strategies for reducing and managing nutrients to waters of the NC Piedmont.  To view an interactive web version of the Sourcebook in detail, click here.


Region J Water and Sewer Rates Report

Every year, the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) in cooperation with the North Carolina League of Municipalities conducts a rate survey of the state's water and sewer utilities.  Triangle J Council of Governments produces a companion document that focuses only on the water and sewer providers in the Triangle J Region. 


The 2013 Water and Sewer Rate Report - Triangle J Region can be found here

The 2012 report is still available here.


For the statewide report and results, please visit the EFC's website at:

To view your utility's rates on an interactive dashboard, please visit: