TJCOG is an extension of the 43 local government members we serve, and the available services provided to local governments reflect the changing needs that exist across their organizations. Ongoing services are offered on an as-needed basis and remain separate from standing programs or projects administered by TJCOG and provide cost-share benefits to member governments or fill a gap for a region-wide need.

Did you know?  TJCOG is considered a local government by law, meaning all member governments can contract directly with the organization for assistance without going through the RFP process and save a great deal of administrative burden/cost, per Chapter 160A, Article 20, Part 1 of the General Statutes of North Carolina (and any amendments thereto). 

Member Liaisons

As member needs change, TJCOG services must change or grow to reflect that. Our Member Liaison program provides a direct connection between member governments and TJCOG for local government elected officials and staff who have questions about specific topics or challenges or are interested in how TJCOG could provide direct assistance for their community. Additionally, member liaisons are responsible for tracking and understanding regional opportunities or missing services and help the organization shift appropriately. 

Have questions about current or future assistance needs? Contact your member liaison!

  • Durham, Johnston, and Lee counties - Renee Boyette,
  • Moore and Orange counties - Jenny Halsey,
  • Chatham and Wake counties - Alana Keegan,