Strategies Align for Meeting NC Employer Needs

Posted by Thursday, September 11, 2014 4:15:00 PM Categories: Main News Regional Planning

Employer Needs Survey, NC Tomorrow & Region J CEDS agree

In August, North Carolina's Commission on Workforce Development released a new report that delves into hiring difficulties experienced by employers across the state. The 2014 Employer Needs Survey revealed a variety of issues that contribute to hiring difficulties, with the leading factors being lack of relevant work experience, lack of education credentials and lack of technical or occupational skills. 


The report was accompanied by an eight-point list of recommended strategies to meet employer needs identified in the study. The recommendations align with goals and strategies of both the NC Tomorrow strategic plan for regional and statewide economic development, released by the NC Association of Regional Councils earlier this year, and the Region J Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), published in 2012.  All three reports emphasize the need for greater alignment of workforce development initiatives with educational programs.  A key recommendation from the Commission on Workforce Development is the creation of Career Pathways for critical industry clusters, a concept that is also presented in the NC Tomorrow plan.  


Kirby Bowers, executive director of Triangle J Council of Governments and chairman of the NC Association of Regional Councils commented, "The Employer Needs Survey and recommendations are in line with the strategic plan we brought forward with NC Tomorrow. We believe there is a role for our regional councils to help North Carolina close the skills gap and bring well-prepared workers to employers in our state."