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Recruitment and Retention of Law Enforcement Professionals

Submitted by the Town of Garner Police Department

Police departments across the region are struggling with unprecedented difficulty to recruit and retain qualified candidates and sworn staff. Most specifically, there is a struggle to attract a diverse staff comprised of minorities and females to better reflect the communities the departments serve. 

  • Recruitment has been difficult for years, but finding qualified candidates became even more prevalent after the Ferguson, Missouri riots in 2014. 
  • Social media and its impacts have raised renewed questions about police-community relations and the use of force white officers, particularly involving young black males. 
  • Perception of the profession has attributed to fewer applicants and many local communities completing their hiring process without identifying a single qualified candidate.

Why the Challenge Must be Solved

  1. Position vacancies result in delayed response times, reduced proactive enforcement efforts and limited police-community engagement efforts.
  2. Vacancies are not just a law enforcement issue. They are a community issue that impacts crime rates, traffic safety and overall quality of life for citizens.

The Obstacles

  • A lack of competitive salary and benefits compared to the private sector.
  • The "risk vs. reward" aspect regarding police officer safety in the field.
  • An existing bias against law enforcement in many communities. 
  • An inability from the profession to demonstrate the benefits that come from a law enforcement career.

Previous Work to Address The Challenge

Police Departments across the region have made efforts to remain competitive on salary and benefits. Communities, including the Town of Garner, have expanded advertising and outreach, engaged the community for support identifying potential candidates, and enhanced outreach with Basic Law Enforcement Training providers. Some organizations have seen an increase in applications by hiring non-trained individuals and then sending them to training. For retention, organizations have started providing incentives for additional training and responsibilities.


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