TJCOG Focus Areas

TJCOG's focus areas are based on local priorities and the potential for regional impact. While there are many areas of opportunity in the region, these focus areas align with the most pressing challenges for our region that are best addressed through coordination and collaboration.

All of our work intends to build a region that is representative of and designed for all. Learn about our commitment to Equity and Inclusion.

Aging & Human Services

A seamless network of information and support is critical for the well-being of our regionʼs rapidly growing older adult population. The Triangle J Council of Governmentsʼ Area Agency on Aging administers funding and programs that connect older adults to resources, assists partners to make holistic and strategic decisions about aging services, and helps members design livable communities for community members of all ages and support aging in communities

Community & Economic Development

Maintaining affordable and safe housing, enhancing accessibility for employment and educational opportunities, instilling sustainable and intentional land use practices, and deploying a local and regional asset-building approach, are all essential components of community development, helping to augment greater economic activity and workforce productivity.

Environment & Resilience

Resilient communities are defined by their ability to bounce back from acute disasters or long-term stressors by actively influencing and preparing for economic, social, and environmental change. However, every community is only as resilient as its neighbors. TJCOG is building a sustainable and resilient region through a combination of relationship-building, resource prioritization, and projects that improve the efficiency and sustainability of community design and services.

Member Support & Strategy

Local governments are navigating rapid changes that are vastly impacting how we operate. Meeting the demands of the public in a cost-efficient and forward-thinking manner is a daunting task. TJCOG is committed to finding innovative solutions and strategies to help the region respond to new realities and believes that expertise and assistance to achieve this should be accessible to organizations of every size and structure. The member support and strategy focus area include a comprehensive array of strategic and technical services to help member governments address evolving public sector workplaces, and make data-driven, strategic decisions amidst an ever-changing region.

Mobility & Transportation

Mobility and transportation planning naturally affect multiple communities at once. Coordinated approaches to this work ensure seamless travel across communities for residents living and working across the region. TJCOG provides technical support and guidance on long-term, large-scale plans and community-specific plans, while stressing an approach that considers investment impacts in the broader community context of growth, economic development, sustainability, and housing availability.


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