TJCOG Focus Areas

TJCOG's focus areas are based on local priorities and the potential for regional impact. While there are many areas of opportunity in the region, these focus areas align with the most pressing challenges for our region that are best addressed through coordination and collaboration.

All of our work intends to build a region that is representative of and designed for all. Learn about our commitment to Equity and Inclusion.


Aging & Human Services

A seamless network of information and supports is critical for the well-being of our region’s rapidly growing older adult population. The Triangle J Area Agency on Aging administers funding and programs that connect older adults to resources, assist partners to make holistic and strategic decisions about aging services, and help local communities design communities that are livable for community members of all ages.

Community & Economic Development

TJCOG’s economic development program facilitates coordinated regional projects and builds capacity for local economic development activities that attract investment in communities, large, small, urban, suburban, and rural. Through the implementation of the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), Strength in Numbers, TJCOG also develops and monitors a regional vision for development.


Every individual in our region deserves access to housing. It is this belief that guides TJCOG’s housing program, which works directly with local governments, developers, and non-profits to preserve, improve, and build quality, affordable housing. Staff provide a variety of education, technical assistance, facilitation, research & data analysis, and fund administration to meet communities where they are in their housing efforts.

Natural Resources & Resilience

Resilient communities are defined by their ability to bounce back from acute disasters or long-term stressors by actively influencing and preparing for economic, social, and environmental change. However, every community is only as resilient as its neighbors. TJCOG is building a sustainable and resilient region through a combination of relationship-building, resource prioritization, and projects that improve the efficiency and sustainability of community design and services.

Strategy & Innovation

Emerging trends and practices are often at odds with the world of local government, due to public pressure for transparency and an eversion to risky efforts. TJCOG provides a growing network of trainings, collaborative groups, and partnerships to engage local government staff and help agencies adapt to emerging public sector trends, make strategic decisions, and identify lessons learned.  

Technical Assistance

TJCOG acts as an extension of the local government members we serve, and the technical assistance provided to our communities changes regularly over time to reflect the changing needs. This general assistance to local governments is critical, as communities face a growing list of responsibilities, often with limited staff capacity and resources. Cost-efficient support and staffing from TJCOG ensures community demand are met in a fiscally responsible way.


Mobility and transportation planning naturally affect multiple communities at once. Coordinated approaches to this work ensure seamless travel across communities for residents living and working across the region. TJCOG provides technical support and guidance on long-term, large-scale plans and community-specific plans, while stressing an approach that considers investment impacts in the broader community context of growth, economic development, sustainability, and housing availability.


View reports, materials, and strategic resources from all focus areas on the Insights page.