Town of Carthage becomes Triangle J's 36th member government

Friday, July 20, 2012 3:17:00 PM Categories: Board of Delegates Main News

 At its January 25th meeting, the Triangle J Council of Governments’ Board of Delegates unanimously approved a request by the Town of Carthage for membership into the regional organization. Carthage, the county seat of Moore County, is the county’s third municipality to join Triangle J since 2001 when regional boundaries changed, adding Moore County to region J. The Town of Carthage is Triangle J’s 36th member government.


Carthage Town Commissioner Artie Barber will serve as the town’s delegate to the Triangle J Board of Delegates. Commissioner Barber represented Carthage at the Board meeting and expressed the town’s interest in becoming part of the regional organization.  Commissioner Milton T. Dowdy, Jr. will serve as the town’s alternate to the Board of Delegates. 


Town of Carthage joins TJCOGThe photo, on right, features (from left to right) Artie Barber (Commissioner, Town of Carthage), Eugene Brown (Chairman, TJCOG Board of Delegates; Council member, City of Durham), and Kirby Bowers (Executive Director, TJCOG). This photo was taken at the May 23, 2012 Board of Delegates meeting when TJCOG officially welcomed the Town of Carthage. The Town presented TJCOG with a plaque depicting the town seal, which is displayed on the membership wall of the TJCOG office.