Useful Tools

Livability Self-Assessment Toolkit

The TJCOG Livability Self-Assessment Tool for Local Governments provides a unique process for local governments to assess the livability of their community for older adults, and other vulnerable residents. The assessment takes into account many factors that attribute to a better quality of life including access to housing, social services, and transportation. 

Contact Alana Keegan at with questions or inquiries about the livability tool or how TJCOG can assist your local government with the process. 


Durham City/County Livability Assessment 

This document describes the findings of the assessment and potential strategies for the City, County, and stakeholders to consider. In 2017, the City and County of Durham requested TJCOG to facilitate the process of completing the TJCOG Livability Self-Assessment for Local Governments and develop strategies specific to Durham. This process aimed to help push forward an agenda to make Durham a more livable place for older adults, and in turn, everyone.


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