Water Resources

Region J contains portions of two major river basins, the Cape Fear River Basin (which contains Jordan Lake) and the Neuse River Basin (which contains Falls Lake).   These large rivers and multipurpose reservoirs along with a number of smaller groundwater and surface water sources provide water to residents of the region. 


Map of regional council of governments and river basins

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The TJCOG Water Resources Program is a home for numerous partnerships and programs that help manage water supply and water quality in these two river basins.  Programs, partnerships, and projects housed or staffed by the TJCOG Water Resource Program are listed at left along with staff contact information for each.  For general inquiries, you may contact Energy & Environment Program Manager Andrea Eilers at aeilers@tjcog.org.


We invite you to visit these web pages to learn more about the many ways in which Triangle J is involved in protecting and managing our valuable water resources.