Work Plans

The TJCOG Work Plan was a multi-year plan that includes initiatives identified by the Board of Delegates, in addition to the programs, projects and services approved through the annual budget process. It was intended to be fluid and dynamic, changing and developing in response to interests of TJCOG members, each year’s accomplishments and resources available for the pursuit of new initiatives, as well as programs and projects already underway.  The Work Plan was updated annual and presented to the Board of Delegates for approval in the fall of each year. It was published in print and offered electronically, as a convenient directory of TJCOG’s programs and services, organized by program area.


FY 2015-17 Work Plan approved Oct 22, 2014

FY 2014-2016 Work Plan approved Oct 23, 2013

FY 2013-2015 Work Plan approved Oct 24, 2012
FY 2011-2013 Work Plan approved Nov 16, 2011